About Jess

Hi! I'm Jess. I do front-end web development, and I really, really like it. I also do some design. For fun I code stuff: Project Euler, 10 Lines of CSS Challenge; read stuff: sci-fi/fantasy, dystopian fiction; play stuff: Legend of Zelda, Carcassonne; and paint stuff.


  • HTML5, CSS3, CSS Bootstrap, Sass
  • JavaScript, React.js
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Test Driven Development
  • Web Design


  • Sublime Text
  • Command-line
  • Git
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop



Spring 2016
Twelve-week front-end web development bootcamp

Northern Arizona University

2004 BFA in Visual Communication
With a focus on Web Development and Flash ActionScript



Freelance Developer & Designer

Created websites, games, and print materials for large and small clients

Content Production Designer

Shutterfly / TinyPrints

Marketing Creative Specialist

iGo, Inc.

Multimedia Design Intern

Northern Arizona University TECHShare

My first computer was a TI-99 purchased at a garage sale when I was a child. It hooked up to my television and lacked persistent storage. I made it draw flashing, colorful blocks that danced across the screen. I made it count really, really high. I made the keyboard double as a musical instrument. I made it do everything I could think of while I worked through the included book, Beginner's BASIC. When school started in the fall, I wrote programs in my notebooks instead of essays and was roundly scolded by my teachers.